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Get Paid For Hanging with Kittens?

Cute Kittens For Free
MILWAUKEE — Want to get paid to hang out with cats?! Sip & Purr, Milwaukee’s new cat...

Ex-Police Murderers Neighbours Cats

Cats Murdered
This bridy lover isn't popular within the Cat kingdom. An ex trooper or police officer was outraged about...

10+ Cats Thats Broke The Internet

Cats are sometimes hilariously funny and full of surprises not just breaking things and peeing everywhere! some...

Reports of Numbers of Killed Cats On A590

A NUMBER of dead cats have been spotted on the A590 between Swarthmoor and Rusland Pool. This week...

Cute Kitty Shoes; How to DIY!

Cat Planet stumbled across this fab way of perking up a pair of flats. A really simple...
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