The tiny brown kitten, who has now been named Misty, was just a few hours old when a member of the public found her in a bin in Harwood Court in Salford on Sunday (August 12) and called the RSPCA.

Luckily Inspector Lorna Campbell rescued her and took her to the RSPCA Altrincham branch where she is being hand-reared by fosterer Joanne Yoli [see video].

Inspector Campbell said: “The kitten couldn’t have been more than a few hours old. She was pretty lifeless and still had her umbilical cord attached – it hadn’t even dried up yet.

“She had been tied up in a blue carrier bag and put in the bin. At the moment, it is still unclear whether she was dumped in the bin or whether she was born a stray and someone thought she was dead so discarded her. It’s very hard to believe that someone would do this maliciously to a small, defenceless kitten.”

Cute Unborn Kitten

Inspector Campbell said she is also very concerned for the mum who could develop mastitis if she is lactating without a kitten to take the milk.

“I have made enquiries in the local area but I am eager for anyone who may have any information to contact us in confidence on the inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”

Now Misty is five days old and doing well despite her incredibly tough start in life.

Fosterer Joanne said: “I am fostering and hand rearing six kittens. The little brown kitten Misty was very cold and dehydrated when she arrived with me. We warmed her up and I gave her some fluids under her skin to keep her hydrated and then when she was warm I started to bottle feed her and she latched on pretty much straight

“I did have to take her to the emergency vets a couple of hours afterwards as she was passing blood in her urine. She’s been put on a course of antibiotics in case of an infection and fingers crossed, she’s doing really well now!”

Hand-rearing kittens is a very demanding commitment as they need to be bottle-fed day and night, initially once every hour, and they require round-the-clock care.

Joanne said: “She was tiny when she arrived. I started feeding her once every hour but she took to the bottle so well I managed to cut it down to one every two hours.”

Joanne, who has fostered for the Altrincham branch for six years, is also looking after five other kittens including a seven day old black kitten called Milly who was brought into Greater Manchester Animal Hospital and a kitten called Pixie who was found lying on a pavement at just two days old. She didn’t think little Pixie would survive as she was so small but now she’s five weeks old and doing very well.

So far this year Joanne has hand-reared 18 kittens during the busiest months of May to September. They generally stay with her until they can be weaned at about 6-8

Joanne added: “At this time of year we see most kittens being born which means lots of them end up in RSPCA rescue centres leaving them bursting at the seams.

“A solution to the problem of unplanned, and sadly unwanted litters, is to get your cat neutered from four months old.

“I think a lot of people feel like they should let their cat have at least one litter, or don’t realise they can have a litter when just kittens themselves, but neutering your cat is much healthier for them and will ultimately mean less cats and kittens coming into rescue centres.”