You may have read about Cat Planet Magazine’s poorly soldier, ‘Mutley’ owned and loved by Jenni and Carl Schooley.

Cat Planet Magazine has been following Mutley’s journey since he was diagnosed with Mediastinal Lymphoma, some months after starting his chemotherapy he was given a great clear diagnosis from his vets and the chemo was slowed down, sadly the aggressive cancer returned and Mutley was rendered breathless and struggling for air.

Sadly as Jenni feared Mutley’s cancer had returned and was filling his chest.

It turns out that Mutley is not insured and the never ending vet bills and treatment are a big strain on the Schooleys.

Cat Planet has launched the ‘We Support Mutley’ campaign to help raise funds and awareness for not only Mutley but the many pedigree and non pedigree cats who have been struck down by this disease and are fighting for their lives.

Cat Planet subscribers who support Mutley can donate their left over subs to the campaign and anyone can make a donation by going to Paypal and donating to, all proceeds will be transferred to the Nine Lives Veterinary Centre in Redbourn.

Please do not contact the vets directly as they are so very busy with everyone’s poorly pets!

All donators will have their name and if desired, cat’s picture added to Mutley’s Supporters Page!


Thank you to the following Companies who are supporting Mutley:

MPM Pet Products

Natural Instinct

Natural remedy

R&L Pet Products

Royal Canin

Caroline Keyzor – Designer



Natasha Crumpler

Julia Burgess

Sharon Crisp

Leah Jeffries



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