This Kitty’s FAVORITE TOY Makes Him Realize They Will Always Be STUCK TOGETHER… This Is ELECTRIC!!

Kitty's Favourite Toy
Whoever said, “we are stuck like glue” said it because of this adorable combo! What do you do when you have a staticky cat and a red balloon? Well, you laugh and you film it for the whole world to see! This beautiful, friendly and...

Neighbor’s Cat Befriends The Fluffy Cat Next Door – Now They Are Best Friends And Play Together Everyday

Neighbor’s Cat Befriends The Fluffy Cat
This sweet cat had been wandering on the streets of Montreal and somehow managed to survive the cold winter, but something was wrong with him. He looked and felt sick and was in desperate need of help. It was clear Barney had been living...

Kids Save Kitties!

Kitten is saved by young kids what lads!

RSPCA Warning After two Cwmllynfell Cats Die in Anti-Freeze Poisoning

RSPCA Cymru has now launched an appeal for information, and called for cat owners in the community...

Adorable Kitten Drinks Milk From A Baby Bottle And The Sounds He Makes Are The Cutest Thing Ever!

Adorable Kitten Drinks Milk From A Baby Bottle
There are many things that cats do to show that they love something, and this super cute...

RSPCA Warns Cat Owners to Keep Windows closed During Heatwave

UK Cats Dead After Heatwave
The RSPCA is warning cat owners to keep their windows closed as the charity hears increasing reports...