The Lee County Humane Society is asking for help after they took in dozens of cats from a hoarding situation.

Outreach and development coordinator for LCHS, Mary Wynne Kling, said 58 cats were voluntarily surrendered from a “severe hoarding situation” in Opelika yesterday. She expects more cats from the same situation to come in throughout the next several days, as the shelter can get foster homes.

The owner is working to care for the remaining 30-40 cats until the shelter can take the rest.

Kling stressed LCHS does not want to condemn the owner, and the group just wants to help the cats and find either permanent or foster homes.

“Many of these cats, as you can imagine, are in very rough shape, and we desperately need assistance from any and everyone who can help. Our shelter is flooded with cats, many of whom are experiencing severe symptoms of neglect. We have all hands on deck, but we will need help,” the shelter posted on its Facebook page.

Kling said several of the cats appear scared, but most are friendly and well-tempered.

Several of the cats up for adoption as of Thursday morning. Because of the situation they were living in, Kling said some of the cats may have upper respiratory infections. The infections are typically easily treated with antibiotics, she said, but are very contagious to other cats. She said anyone wishing to foster or adopt the cats should be able to isolate the animal from other pets until the infection clears up.

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Some cats could have underlying heath issues that won’t show up on the shelter’s initial veterinary exam.