The RSPCA has launched an appeal for information after a cat from Worksop was shot with 15 shotgun pellets.

Izzii, a pedigree Abyssinian male cat, was rushed to the vet on 19 July after his Shireoaks owner noticed him behaving strangely and holding his tail awkwardly.

Having examined Izzii and taken an X-ray, the vet was shocked to find up to 15 metal shotgun pellets embedded in the cat’s tail, rump and back legs. Remarkably, no vital organs were damaged, so once the vet had started the cat on a course of antibiotics and painkillers, Izzii’s relieved owner was able to take him home, where he is being cared for in the hope he will fully recover from the shooting.   

RSPCA Inspector Keith Ellis, who is looking into the incident, said: “This beautiful and affectionate pet is lucky to be alive.  He was shot in cold blood and could have been killed. This is a callous attack on an innocent animal and we are appealing for anyone with information to contact us, in strictest confidence, on 0300 123 8018.

“Not only is this a brutal act of cruelty against somebody’s pet but it is also against the law. That is why we are taking this very seriously and would like anyone with information to come forward.”


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