An unlucky cat needed rescuing after being found tangled in barbed wire hanging off a garage roof in Liverpool.

A woman came across the stricken puss in Ullswater Close, in the Kirkby area, in the evening (16 April) after hearing the cat’s cries, and called the RSPCA for help.

Animal welfare officer (AWO) David Hatton went to the scene to help.

He said: “We think the poor thing was there for hours after getting herself tangled in barbed wire and falling from the roof of the garage.

“I had to contact the fire service for help and they helped cut the wire and free the cat carefully.

“The barbed wire was wrapped around her chest, along her back and around her tail so she had some nasty cuts and needed to see a vet.

“She also had some barbs stuck in her paws that needed removing.”

AWO Hatton took the cat for veterinary treatment at the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital. Unfortunately, her condition deteriorated and – as her injuries were so serious – vets decided the kindest thing to do was to put her to sleep to prevent her suffering.  

The cat was not microchipped and wasn’t wearing a collar or ID tag. It’s not known if she was owned locally or was a stray so the charity has urged anyone who is missing their cat and thinks she might be theirs to get in touch.

AWO Hatton added: “This was such a sad outcome and just goes to show how dangerous barbed wire can be.

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“We would urge people to take extra care when installing fencing or security measures and to avoid using barbed wire where possible, particularly if its located somewhere where animals may become trapped easily.

“It can help to have fencing or security devices professionally installed and we’d ask anyone who has used barbed wire to check it regularly for any wild animals, birds or cats that may have become trapped.”