The RSPCA and Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service worked together for hours to free a cat who got wedged in a 6-inch gap between two buildings in Datchet, near Slough, this week.

A man contacted the animal welfare charity on Tuesday morning (3 April) after spotting the cat stuck in the gap between two buildings at the house in Slough Road.

Animal welfare officer (AWO) Pete Yarde went to the scene to try to help the stricken puss.

“The householder had heard a commotion and when he peered into the gap with a torch he could just about see his cat wedged between the brick walls,” he said.

“The poor cat, called Bob, had somehow managed to get stuck in the tiny gap – only about six inches wide – and was wedged at the bottom of the cavity, around 10m down.

“We think he’d been walking across the roof and had fallen down the gap between the original building and a newer building next to it.

“It wasn’t possible to see if the cat was injured but he must have been very frightened and was stuck fast in a very tight space.

“Bob’s owner thought he had been there for at least 48 hours so it was really important for us to get him out as quickly as possible.”

AWO Yarde contacted Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service (BFRS) for help and a crew was dispatched.

The rescuers worked together to push Bob towards the front of the gap so they could create a small hole to free the stricken puss. They had to remove bricks from one wall to create a hole in which to pull the cat free.

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AWO Yarde added: “The house is the second oldest building in Datchet so we were cautious not to do too much damage. Thankfully, the wall we had to remove bricks from was from a newer extension!”

BFRS station manager Jess James said: “We are glad to have assisted in the safe rescue of this cat, which was a challenging animal rescue that ultimately had a happy ending.

“We have a good partnership with the RSPCA as we work on incidents together to cause minimum distress to the animal and damage to the property.”

Bob was, thankfully, unharmed and after a quick check-up from AWO Yarde, was returned to his owners who were very pleased to have him back.

“I’d like to thank the fire crew for their help with this rescue,” AWO Yarde added. “We’re always incredibly grateful to any help from the emergency services and, in this case, I’m certain that by working together we were able to save this cat’s life.”