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Domestic cats usually do not exceed 25 decibels, even with the most contented of purrs. But Merlin’s record-breaking 100-decibel purr is as thunderous as a tractor, a pneumatic drill, a classroom full of children and a car horn from 25ft away.

His owner, Tracy Westwood, 47, from Torquay, Devon, believes he can reach 105 decibels – but even at 100 he could be eligible for the title of world’s nosiest cat.

The current record holder is a cat called Smokey from Pitsford, Northampton, whose purr measures in at 92 decibels. But Smokey will be forced to give up his title if Tracy and her family decide to make a claim.

Merlin’s owner Tracy says he’s always purred very loudly.

“I guess I’m used to it now. But when I’m on the phone I often have people asking me what on earth is the noise in the background. It’s just Merlin.”

After reading about Smokey’s world record, Tracy, a mother of two, decided to measure Merlin’s impressive purr.

“We’ve measured Merlin at peaks of 100 decibels, but we know he is much louder than that, even 105.”

Specialists warn that exposure to more than 90 to 95 decibels can cause loss of hearing. This could explain Tracy’s dog’s deafness.

“Maybe Merlin’s purred him to deaf.”

The Guinness Book of Records has encouraged Tracy and her family to put Merlin up for the award via their website.

A spokesman for Guinness said: “If they wish to have their claim verified by our record management team they can make a claim.”

Tracy certainly won’t have any trouble providing Guinness with evidence, as she revealed Merlin purrs all day. “He purrs when he wakes up. He purrs when he’s hungry,” she said.

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