The little black and white ball of fluff was discovered after pub staff heard frightened meowing coming from a dark, narrow gap down the side of the Mail Coach pub on Wellgate Street. On Monday (4 June), with no sign of his mother, and realising that she would not have been able to reach her baby anyway, they contacted the RSPCA.


RSPCA Inspector Sandra Dransfield said: “This poor little kitten had fallen off the pub’s flat roof into a deep gap with no way out but upwards. I was joined by an RSPCA colleague and South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, who were keen to help out.


“It was clear that in order to rescue him, we would have to work from the flat roof above and that proved very tricky, due to the huge drop, the narrowness of the gap and the dangerously rough walls. In addition, because he was probably a feral cat (a non-domestic animal that had been born outside) he was very nervous of humans.


“To make matters worse, there was a lot of debris and rubbish at the bottom, and the kitten kept disappearing from sight.

 Kitty Falls of Roof

“We used two catch pole sets, one with a swan hook to try to keep him from going into the even narrower gap, and one with a net on the end.  We weren’t having much success with the net, but the swan-catcher, which has a crook at the end of it, finally did the trick. The little kitten climbed onto it, and we very carefully raised him back up the gap with him clinging on. And just in case he fell off, we held a small bucket underneath to catch him.

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“After a rescue which took more than two hours, we were relieved to be able to bring this little kitten up to safety. He had a lot of dirt in his eyes and mouth but otherwise seemed unharmed. I took him to Peak Vets in Sheffield, where he is being cared for and closely monitored.