It’s a mystery how someone could abandon such a loving cat like Miss Marple.

The five-year-old black and white cat was found abandoned in Lingfield, Surrey. She was rescued in December last year and was wearing a veterinary cone around her neck which was very uncomfortable.

The buster collar had been on her for so long it had caused her whiskers to grow inwards.

On December 12 she was rescued by the RSPCA and brought into South Godstone Animal Centre where the collar was removed.

Miss Marple found life in the cattery very stressful and started to over-groom and became temperamental with staff. Luckily animal care assistant Emma Dempsey was able to foster her and has been looking after her for the last five months.

She said: “When I started fostering her at home I hoped she would show a small sign of improvement but Miss Marple’s transformation has been incredible!

“She is playful, adventurous and a lovely lap cat. She enjoys being groomed and loves to chase string. We’ve developed a  really nice companionship and Marple can always be found close by me.

“When I arrive home from work she waits at the door for me. It’s lovely to see her little face behind the door looking excited that I’m home – or maybe just excited for dinner.

“If you want someoneto welcome you home after a day at work then Marple is the cat for you!”

Emma would now like to see her find a forever home where she will never be abandoned again.

She continued: “Marple has tried extremely hard to be more trusting and relax around people and she has come on leaps and bounds despite what she has been through. However, she still struggles around other animals which was why the cattery environment proved to be so stressful for her. She would flourish in a home as an only pet.

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“She needs an understanding and patient owner who will give her the space and time she needs to feel safe and settled in her new home.Stressful Cat

“She can give off mixed body language signals so an adult-only environment would be important with someone who is cat savvy and will persist until they bond with her.”

Miss Marple will also need to be kept away from busy roads and railways so she can safely explore and solve mysteries on her own.

Emma added: “Marple is a truly extraordinary cat who has shown how much love she can give. Anyone who is lucky enough to adopt her will know a companionship like no other.”