The RSPCA is appealing for information about a cat and three kittens dumped in a bin bag on a pavement in Birmingham, and is asking for the person who took one of the kittens to come forward and return it to the mother.

Poor Kittens Left For Dead

Passers by were alerted to the black and white female cat, and her three kittens, after spotting movement from a bin bag which had been left outside shops on Stratford Road in Sparkhill, Birmingham on Monday (28 May).

After finding the mother and her three kittens, thought to be just four weeks old, inside the bin bag the person contacted the RSPCA and inspector Boris Lasserre rushed to the scene to collect the cats.

A small crowd had gathered to keep the cats safe, but sadly, one member of the public picked up one of the tiny kittens and ran away with it.Poor Kittens Left For Dead

Inspector Lasserre said: “As if it wasn’t cowardly enough that somebody left this mother cat and kittens in serious danger inside a bin bag on a busy street, it’s completely shocking that another person took off with one of the tiny kittens just before I arrived. The kind people who waited with the kittens were also very upset and shocked.

“The person who dumped the cats should be ashamed of themselves and the person who took the kitten should not have been so reckless. The kittens are only a few weeks old and need to be with their mother, it would be extremely difficult for somebody to hand-raise a kitten of that age without a lot of experience.

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“The cat and the remaining two kittens are being cared for at RSPCA Birmingham Animal Hospital and are being treated for fleas, worms and eye infections, so it’s very likely the stolen kitten is suffering with similar problems and will urgently need vet care, not to mention the care and milk from the mother cat. She is very loving and taking good care of her kittens, and I am urging the person who took the kitten to get in touch and return him or her as soon as possible”.

Anyone with information about how the cat and kittens came to be dumped on Stratford Road, or about the whereabouts of the stolen kitten, can contact the RSPCA in complete confidence on 0300 123 8018.

The person who took the kitten is urged to come forward and return them as soon as possible.