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Cat owner appeals for information following ‘airgun incident’

A cat owner whose animal was fired three times provided anyone who helps to identify the shooter a prize. Burmese cat Grace, three years old,...
Cat looking out of window

Beloved cat murdered by disturbed man with ‘PTSD’

In a scenario of animal cruelty, an individual from Tacoma, Washington, killed a cat and placed his body in a recycling bin because the...
Stray cat

Car disassembled to retrieve stray kitten

To rescue a small kitten that was tightly wedged in the engine bay, a vehicle had to be partly demolished. Six-week-old feral Sparky's plaintive cries...
Family help tiny kitten

Family bring home tiny kitten left outside and work hard to keep her alive

One day a pair discovered a very small kitten at their front door. This kitten was so tiny and very young that it looked...
Fat cats

Fluffy, Chonky and Thicc, The Obsession With Fat Cats

Bruno Bartlett was on a weight loss journey, a gray polydactyl cat who likes to stand on his hind legs. They're chonky, they're fluffy,...