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Cat Breeder Guide 2019

Cat Breeding: The Definitive Guide 2019

Cat Planet's Cat Breeding Guide 2019 with full information to assist you in successfully breeding...

How to Sex Kittens the Ultimate Guide with Cat Planet

Are they girls or are they boys? All breeders are eager to determine the sexes their...

Breeding cats and the Law

When considering whether you would like to breed cats, the first thing you should keep...

Norwegian Forest Cat Breeder Apologises to Leading UK Cat Food Firm Applaws

Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders, Lorraine and John Twyman have published the following on their website...

The Ultimate Guide to Cat Breeding with Cat Planet

Cat Breeding can sometimes seem an exciting proposition, as certain cat breeds can sell for...

Oriental Breed Colours – With Pictures

  29 Havana   29c Oriental Lilac   35 Foreign White 37 Oriental Black 37a Oriental Blue   37d Oriental Red 37f Oriental Cream 37fn Oriental...
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Cat with Purple Paws is Submitted to Unlawful Misery

A cat came into a shelter with purple paws. The president of the shelter knew exactly what the purple paws meant, and it broke...

World Cat News

Honeybee the cat – The loneliest in Britain?

Honeybee, a eight-year-old cat, has been working long for 161 cats to re-home at the RSPCA affiliate Wimbledon, Wandsworth and Sutton since Sept. last...
Wakerley woods panther sighting

Panther spotted in Wakerley woods

A couple when walking their dog got a scare when being face-to-face with a 'big cat' which they described as a panther. When the incident...

Cat owner appeals for information following ‘airgun incident’

A cat owner whose animal was fired three times provided anyone who helps to identify the shooter a prize. Burmese cat Grace, three years old,...
Cat looking out of window

Beloved cat murdered by disturbed man with ‘PTSD’

In a scenario of animal cruelty, an individual from Tacoma, Washington, killed a cat and placed his body in a recycling bin because the...
Stray cat

Car disassembled to retrieve stray kitten

To rescue a small kitten that was tightly wedged in the engine bay, a vehicle had to be partly demolished. Six-week-old feral Sparky's plaintive cries...
Fat cats

Fluffy, Chonky and Thicc, The Obsession With Fat Cats

Bruno Bartlett was on a weight loss journey, a gray polydactyl cat who likes to stand on his hind legs. They're chonky, they're fluffy,...