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Cat Breeder Guide 2019

Cat Breeding: The Definitive Guide 2019

Cat Planet's Cat Breeding Guide 2019 with full information to assist you in successfully breeding...
7 Useful Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats

7 Useful Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats

For those with a pet in the home, fleas can be a enormous issue. Fleas...

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Russian cat is now helping to care for other animals

After being taken to the refuge in Russia, one cat is paying for it. Now he is looking after other pets in the sanctuary...

The day’s outfit takes a new turn with cats wearing tights

The day's outfit has become commonplace for fashionistas to exchange with their faithful supporters their finest features. Now, a lady who had some ancient...

World Cat News

Prime Minister David Cameron admits missing Larry the cat

Larry, a cat who resides at 10 Downing Street, was accepted by United Kingdom's latest former prime minister, David Cameron. The telegraph states that he...
cat outside

How far does your cat really stray from your home?

Many people have stayed home due to the pandemic, and some animal owners may have begun to wonder where their livestock cats are going...
Vicious crime committed by dog

Vicious crime committed by dog

After the capture of CCTV video, the RSPCA appeals for information to a man who appears to intentionally urge him to assault a pet...
How could these statistics effect your pet insurance?

How could these statistics effect your pet insurance?

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home saw an rise in dog adoption of 104 per cent in the week of March 16th, and a rise...
Horror story of poor cat, Cyril

RSPCA rescues newborn kitten from Birmingham

A premature kitten found to have a stomach with a wound and is now under medical treatment from the RSPCA to help him heal...
RSPCA update on the coronavirus surrounding cats!

RSPCA update on the coronavirus surrounding cats!

The RSPCA is encouraging cat owners to take sensible precautions during the Coronavirus crisis but urges them there is no need to worry about...