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Cat Breeder Guide 2019

Cat Breeding: The Definitive Guide 2019

Cat Planet's Cat Breeding Guide 2019 with full information to assist you in successfully breeding...
7 Useful Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats

7 Useful Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats

For those with a pet in the home, fleas can be a enormous issue. Fleas...

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Cat is amazed when owner returns home

Cat is amazed when the owner comes home and wants to...

When your owner goes around the gate a cat is so excited. On the ground, the cat wallows around and encourages the owner to...
Cat Planet Game Hosting

CatPlanet game moves to specialised game server hosting provider

The CatPlanet game, which is vastly popular among our readers, has moved to specialised game server hosting provider, which provides dedicated servers for a...

World Cat News

Cat stuck in Southampton

As a moggy saved from the motor, cat-astrophes prevented

RSPCA and the fire department saved a small black and white cat that was stuck in Southampton under a vehicle bonnet. The RSPCA was called...
Cat Mauled

RSPCA appeal for witnesses following ‘mauled’ death of cat

RSPCA officers are looking to speak to a man after a cat was mauled to death by a dog in the street in North...

Cat rescued after having head stuck in plastic jar for two weeks

Animal savers from New Zealand said that after two weeks of avoiding rescue, a cat with a plastic peanut butter jar stuck on its head was caught. The cat was first found in the backyard of a local resident about two weeks ago, said Annaliese England, manager of the Matamata Animal Trust. But the feline could see through the plastic peanut butter jar and avoided attempted rescue attempts. England said Monday it was received by word that the cat was seen almost 3 miles from Friday. "We called me, we rubber covered the garden, we had a net and a pole on it with a rope," England told "He...

‘Talking kitty’ Youtube sensation Steve Cash dies age 40

YouTube sensation Steve Cash who was the man behind the Talking Kitty Cat series has committed suicide on Thursday the 16th of April at the...
Covid-19 and rescue felines in new york

Covid-19 and rescue felines in new york

Spring came in New York City almost unnoticed amongst the empty streets and shuttered restaurants. But the ecosystem of the city stops for no...

Can these brain worms prohibit cats fear instinct?

Toxoplasma gondii puts out a strange kind of mind control on rodents: When infected with this brain parasite, they seem to lose their fear...