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How to Sex Kittens the Ultimate Guide with Cat Planet

Are they girls or are they boys? All breeders are eager to determine the sexes their...

Why Choose Pet Breeder Insurance with Pet Plan?

FOUR WEEKS free, yes 1 whole month, for your new owners. As a Petplan breeder you...

Where Do I Find a Pedigree Kitten?

Having researched and chosen your desired breed, the first port of call would be to...

Breeding cats and the Law

When considering whether you would like to breed cats, the first thing you should keep...

Norwegian Forest Cat Breeder Apologises to Leading UK Cat Food Firm Applaws

Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders, Lorraine and John Twyman have published the following on their website...

The Ultimate Guide to Cat Breeding with Cat Planet

Cat Breeding can sometimes seem an exciting proposition, as certain cat breeds can sell for...
We are Cat Planet, your destination for all things cats. We keep you updated with the latest news in the cat industry, kitten lists, breeder directory, breeder information, guides and lots more!

CatPlant was launched in 2007 with a mission to provide hundreds of thousands of people in the UK, USA and internationally with information and access to our Kitten List and Breeder Directory for free.

Our prime location for Kittens for Sale and Breeder Directory is in the UK but we also provide locations in the United States.

Find the latest Kittens for Sale under our section 'Kitten List' or to find breeder look for the section on our menu 'Breeder Directory'

Kitten List, Kittens for sale

Our Kitten List or ’Kittens for Sale’ section outlines every breed of cat you can find from Persians to Sphynx cats for sale

Cat Breeder Directory

Our Breeder directory is set up in mind of trusted breeders, it’s a location for buyers to find the highest-of-standard breeders of cats, all submissions are reviewed under-strict regulations and are ensured the breeder is under GCCF standards.

Cat Breeder Guides

Our breeder guides help breeders from beginner to advanced learn everything our team have learnt over 30 years of breeding cats.

Cat Breeder Information

Our breeder information articles co-inside with our Breeder guides, these articles can assist you through breeding or bringing up your kitten.

Questions can be asked such as, How do I find a pedigree cat? - How do I sex my newly born kitten? - Do I need breeder insurance for my kittens?

Our breeder information can be found under our section 'Cat Breeding'

Owl That Calls A Coffee shop Home Earns A New Friend...

In Japan, there’s a tiny owl that lives at a coffee shop. The owl was clearly lonely though because it was the only animal...

World Cat News

Prime Minister David Cameron admits missing Larry the cat

The United Kingdom’s most recent former Prime Minister, David Cameron, has admitted to missing Larry – a cat that lives at 10 Downing Street. Talking at the Oldie...

Cat flap uses AI to punish pet’s killer instincts

A cat flap that automatically bars entry to a pet if it tries to enter with prey in its jaws has been built as...

Honeybee the cat – The loneliest in Britain?

Eight-year-old Honeybee has been waiting patiently at the RSPCA Wimbledon, Wandsworth and Sutton branch where she has been since September last year, during which...

Cat survives 40 miles trapped in car engine compartment

A cat survived serious injuries after travelling 40 miles stuck in the engine compartment of a car. One-year-old Chi, a tabby, had slid under the...

A new species of ‘cat fox’ may be prowling French island of Corsica

There may be a fascinating new species of a fox-like cat, or a cat-like fox, prowling the island of Corsica and yep, it's already...