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These Cats Came Alive

These Cats Came Alive and Everyone Was Stunned by It!

When everyone stumbled across this video we all wondered how they came alive and starting grooming themselves! The cat was doing all things you'd...

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Man Charged with Animal Curlet

Man Lets Dog Attack Cat Until Dead

A Milton man is facing charges for allegedly letting his dog repeatedly attack a cat...
Dying Blind Cat Found Dumped in The Street *WARNING*

Dying Blind Cat Found Dumped in The Street *WARNING*

A dying cat whose eyes were so infected that he could not open them was...

Cats Stay for Life – New Law Dictates

Cats Stay For Life As of the 1st of April, a approved legislation was passed through...

Investigation Into Kitten’s Death

RSPCA Inspector Alison Edwards is investigating to try and find out what happened to Smidge.   She...
Animal Traffickers Sell Cats And Dogs

Animal Traffickers Sell Cats And Dogs Pledge Guilty

A pair of animal traffickers have each pleaded guilty to 10 offences in relation to...

GRAPHIC WARNING – Russia: Stop Poisoning Stray Cats and Dogs

Thousands of stray dogs and cats are killed and poisoned daily in Russia due to...

Hamsters rescued after being hurled out of car window in a cage

inspector Jan Edwards, who is investigating for the animal welfare charity, said:“We had a call from a member of the public who’d heard a...

Cat Shot in Stomach with Air Gun for ‘Second’ time

The black cat, named Sooty - from Odyn’s Fee, Rhoose - was believed to have been shot sometime in the first week of October,...

US embassy in Australia apologises for Cookie Monster Cat email

The email, titled "meeting", went to an unknown number of recipients, US officials in Canberra confirmed. It was accompanied by a photo of a cat...

Man Throws Cat In Air ‘Like a Rugby Ball’ As Mate Films

Two men have avoided jail after one of them threw a defenceless cat in the air 'like a rugby ball' while the other one...
Family Finds Frozen Kitten In Snow

Family Finds Frozen Kitten In Snow – Then An Hour And A Half Later,...

t was Thanksgiving Day and this family was outside playing in the snow when they found what appeared to be a dead frozen kitten....
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