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Erin House Cat Gifts and Collectables

  When I visit the Erin House online shop, I am reminded of a gorgeous boutique shop in a sleepy Market town. Filled...

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Man Charged with Animal Curlet

Man Lets Dog Attack Cat Until Dead

A Milton man is facing charges for allegedly letting his dog repeatedly attack a cat...
Dying Blind Cat Found Dumped in The Street *WARNING*

Dying Blind Cat Found Dumped in The Street *WARNING*

A dying cat whose eyes were so infected that he could not open them was...

Investigation Into Kitten’s Death

RSPCA Inspector Alison Edwards is investigating to try and find out what happened to Smidge.   She...
Animal Traffickers Sell Cats And Dogs

Animal Traffickers Sell Cats And Dogs Pledge Guilty

A pair of animal traffickers have each pleaded guilty to 10 offences in relation to...

Cats Stay for Life – New Law Dictates

Cats Stay For Life As of the 1st of April, a approved legislation was passed through...
Guy Saves Poor Dying

Cat Hanged from Bridge over M62 Motorway

RSPCA inspector Thomas Hutton said: “Police, along with the Highways Agency and local fire and...

Pet Insurance for Breeders

Petplan's 'Breeder Scheme' is possibly the best for new and old time breeders, we've been using it for years, here's why. 4 weeks free insurance...

Cats left sealed and dumped in boxes are now safe

After being left in sealed boxes to die, eleven cats are now living a great life thanks to rescuers and the community, which decided...

READ: Cat rescued from cold after abusive owners left her for dead

Karma the cat got a great rescue from living outside during the cold winter months. The cat sat outside the door of a family...

Heroic man breaks rules in plea to save dying kitten

A man found three kittens outside in the elements one day. He couldn’t bring them inside his apartment because his landlord had a strict...

London is Hosting a Festival Dedicated to Cats!

It's very good news for all us feline lovers - a whole festival hosted in London is to return later this year. We'd love to...
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