7 Useful Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats

7 Useful Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats

Fleas can be a huge problem for those who have a pet in the house. If left to their own devices and allowed to monger, fleas can spread diseases and affect both humans and animals. In most cases, a flea bite can cause itching and skin irritation. However, the bites can also spread diseases such as fever, cat-scratch, typhus, and plague to people.

Reliable reports suggest that fleas have a significant economic impact. Millions are spent every year on flea-related veterinary bills, flea treatment and flea pest control. What we are trying to convey is that fleas shouldn´t be taken lightly and that flea related problems must be remedied pronto.

A famous adage comes to mind every time a problem is addressed, “Prevention is better than cure.” Here, we will discuss some of the home remedies you can try to prevent fleas from causing harm to your beloved furry pet.

Without beating about the bush any further, here are the useful home remedies.

1. Dish soap trap

The dish soap trap can work expertly to keep the fleas at bay. This solution is easy to make as it just requires using dish soap with warm water. The mixture should then be filled in a bowl and kept in areas of the home with the most flea activity. The solution works as glue, trapping the fleas. We would recommend you to try this method at night when the fleas are out and about.

2. Using herbal flea spray

Making herbal flea spray that is pet-friendly is as easy as whistling dixie. All that is required of you is to mix 4 litres of vinegar with 500ml of lemon juice, 250ml of witch hazel, and 2 litres of water. You can then fill the mixture in a spray bottle and spray away in the heavily infested areas.

3. Use neem oil

Neem oil is extracted from a tree that is native to India, Burma, and Sri Lanka. It is widely recognized as an all-natural insect repellent. You can add a few drops of neem oil to your pet´s shampoo to keep the fleas out. Or, you can opt to apply the oil directly to your cat´s coat.

4. Using baking soda to your advantage

Baking soda seems to be useful for almost everything, doesn´t it? Well, you can use it to get rid of fleas too. How should you use baking soda to do that? Basically, you should lay down the baking soda along with furniture and flea-infested areas. Then, you should proceed to take a hard brush and rub it into the fabric. After that, you need to vacuum your home thoroughly and empty the contents of the vacuum in the trash can outside.

5. Vet´s best flea and tick pet spray

If you want to try a manufactured natural product that is safe to use at home around children and pets, we would recommend you to purchase the Vet´s best flea & tick pet spray. Since the product uses a stain-free formula, you can use it on carpets, pillows, beds, curtains, and other places where fleas seem to thrive the most. The spray is made with natural essential oils such as eugenol and peppermint. The usage of this spray can kill the fleas in an instant and repel them for as long as 3 months! You can buy flea killer products or use home remedies. After all, the best remedy is the one that works.

6. Rosemary

Rosemary has to be one of the best organic flea control products around. In addition to repelling fleas, it can be expertly used to treat light infestations on your cats too. In order to create a herbal flea repelling powder with rosemary, you need to place rosemary, fennel, rue, and wormwood into a pestle and mortar. Then, you should grind it until it turns to powder. After that, you should sprinkle the powder on areas where you suspect flea activity. Although rosemary won´t completely get rid of the fleas, it will help repel them.

7. Flea repelling plants

It should make you happy to know that there are specific plants that repel fleas. Some of these plants include lavender, spearmint, chrysanthemums, and pennyroyal etc. These plants contain specific chemicals, oils, and compounds which fleas hate and attempt to avoid. Therefore, you should keep these plants at home.