How to Sex Kittens the Ultimate Guide with Cat Planet

Are they girls or are they boys?

All breeders are eager to determine the sexes their queen has given birth to.

The other burning question is colouring. Sadly kittens don’t come with their sex and colour helpfully stamped on their tummies.

Everyone has their own sure fire way of knowing for definite the sex of their kittens, but it would be a rare breeder who could say with hand on heart that they have never made a mistake, at least when the kittens were quite little.

Some swear that it is easier when the kittens are newly born. Others prefer to wait until the kittens are a little older before having to sex the kittens. Often the easiest way to tell is to compare with pictures.

So here are a couple which should help you decide whether you’ve got girls or boys.

Determining the sex of your kittens should be easy if you look at the pictures below.

Many thanks to Georgina at Mystic Tree Classic Siamese Cattery for the Kitten Sexing Guide