CatPlanet game moves to specialised game server hosting provider

Cat Planet Game Hosting

The CatPlanet game, which is vastly popular among our readers, has moved to specialised game server hosting provider, which provides dedicated servers for a low price, this switch to one of the best game hosting providers means that more users can access the game and have better performance while doing so.

Some of the best game server hosting providers have dedicated server hosting which allows you to not only host your game but your website and many other elements, so this was a great choice for Cat Planet.

CatPlanet Game Hosting

Hosting the game on servers with SSD performance along with DDoS Protection allows everything to run smoothly, our very own web hosting is on SSDs and we see some large performance increases.

The Game Hosting should be loaded within this quarter, meaning more performance for our game and it’s users.

As mentioned above, our game is hosted on standard dedicated servers and is moving to specialised game server hosting providers, which is great news.

Game Server Hosting Increasing Performance

Game server hosting providers can focus on solely games rather than any other type of hosting, this means that choosing one of the best game hosting providers increases customer service and knowledge within the game scene and understanding with the game industry.

The Cat Planet game is based on advanced coding and is generally heavy, although with its basic requirement and code. Previously, our record was upwards of 125,000 players actively playing meaning that the memory and ram needed for the server was ludicrous since the game is used on servers.

How We Found The Best Game Hosting Provider

Originally, we found our hosting provider on a normal hosting provider platform called WebHostingCompared, but as we wanted to change to a dedicated server provided by a game-specific host, we tried to find the best game hosting comparison website which was, which provided insights on specific games, but also provided dedicated server hosting providers.

Once we found this website, we pretty much instantly bought a dedicated server within their recommendation, they also have a support channel to help you.

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