Cats Stay for Life – New Law Dictates

Cats Stay For Life

As of the 1st of April, a approved legislation was passed through Parliament, which disallows all adoption of cats. The law states that all current adoptions centres will be shut down within 12 months (April 1st, 2019) this will affect the RSPCA or any other company/organization that has an adoption centre.

This law was permitted through a study how adopted cats cause more criminal damage than a breeders cat. This study was made in 2017 when the central Parliament first submitted this claim.

PMs and Cat Scientist have come together to discuss the new legislation and it’s significance to society. The Scientist discovered after 23 weeks of research that adopted cats tend to cause more problems, criminal damage, theft, and fires. PMs have agreed last Sunday that it will become illegal to adopt a cat after 1st April 2019