Just last month a group of staff at the Douglas County Animal Care and Services arrived at work in the morning to find an animal carrier just sitting outside the building. When they looked inside the carrier, they found an animal whose fur had been so matted that they could barely make out what the animal even was.

The animal shelter fortunately had surveillance camera’s and when they went to check the videos, they found that a man had just left the cat there and abandoned it, never to return back. The shelter of course alerted the police but that part of the story we don’t completely know the outcome of yet.

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The staff had shaved roughly 4 1/2 pound of hair from the cat and there was so much hair that it literally filled a kitchen size garbage bag. The staff finally did get all of the knots out and ended up naming the cat Bob Marley because he had some many dreadlocks.

Of course, after they shaved the cat’s mats off, they realized the cat was overweight and weighed about 22.6 pounds. They soon put the cat up for adoption and soon Bob finally found his loving home with a nice family.

We will never know if the man that dropped Bob off at the shelter that day was the one who abandoned him or if he perhaps found Bob roaming the streets and brought him to the shelter as a result, but we do know that Bob finally got all those mats off and now lives in a happy loving home! Watch Bob’s entire story below!