A police officer named Mike Cardin was working his night shift patrolling the area when he saw a tiny little kitten standing all alone under a streetlamp. He just knew he couldn’t just leave the kitten there, so he went up to her and picked her up and took her back to the police station.

The officer was so kind to the kitten that he made her a little bed out of a record box and made it nice and cosy for her. Then, while waiting for animal control to come to get her, one of the police officer’s colleagues named Wallace saw the adorable little kitten and immediately fell in love with her.

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Wallace fell in love with the kitten right away and knew he wanted to keep her around, so he did!  Wallace became buddies with the kitten and brought her everywhere he went, even on jobs that he was dispatched on. It was love at first sight for Wallace and the kitten!

Wallace named his new kitty Kelsey and decided to officially adopt her. He made his home her forever home. These two were just meant to be together! Watch the wonderful story below