A family had just recently moved into their new home and one day a cute little tiger kitten showed up at their backdoor looking for help. They had no idea exactly why the cat just showed up at their house, but they did leave food out for it and the moment the cat saw the food, she devoured it like she’d been starving.

The cat was a bit skittish and shy, so whenever someone would try to approach her, she’d immediately run away. They named her Maple and took some pictures of her, hoping they could post them online in hopes of finding her owner.

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So, they tried to catch Maple and get her to come inside, but the cat who already lived in the house, made it clear she didn’t like Maple, so they couldn’t keep her at the house.

Lucky for Maple, one of the people in the house had a coworker with three cats and a dog who said they could take Maple in, so they took Maple to the vet to get her health checked and to check if she had a chip, which she did not. It turned out Maple was a 5 year old cat, who had never been spayed before.

Maple is still waiting to give birth, but it is great to know that Maple and her kittens now have a place to call home where they have more cats and a dog to call family. Watch the entire story below!