Meet Chanel, the tiny three-week old kitten in this video who has adorable eyes and a face that could melt hearts around the world. One day her owner saw her sitting on living room table and then all of the sudden, she was gone. Chanel abruptly vanished and her foster Mom had no idea where she went.

Chanel’s foster Mom, Britany, went to go heat up her bottle of milk and when she came back, Chanel was nowhere to be found. Britany frantically searched for Chanel for over an hour, flipping over pillow cushions and even flipping over the couch. She was in tears and started to panic!

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They searched all over the house for her and still couldn’t find her. Then all of the sudden they found her in the most unexpected place ever! Inside of a tissue box!

Luckily Britney’s grandpa was in need of a tissue while she and her Mom were looking for Chanel, so when he went to get a piece of tissue, he found her sitting inside the box, cute as ever and taking a nap!

It turns out that Chanel actually now enjoys getting into tissues boxes and falling asleep. It’s just the cutest thing ever! Watch more of Chanel’s adorable vanishing act below!