A dying cat whose eyes were so infected that he could not open them was found dumped in a pet carrier with no food and water in an alleyway in Nottingham.

The grey male tabby was found abandoned on Tuesday (September 4) at about 7.30am, near Lorne Walk in Nottingham, by a passerby who alerted the RSPCA.

Inspector Dave McAdam was called to the scene and found the poorly mature grey cat had severely infected eyes – which were so bad he was blind – and his fur was matted and stained with diarrhoea.

The cat was rushed to the vets but on examination he was found to have multiple tumours in his mouth and he was riddled with fleas and flea dirt.

The vet decided that the poor car was in such a terrible state that he had to be put to sleep to prevent further suffering.

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Vet Ben Berlyne, of Arnold and Carlton Vets, who treated the pet, said: “The poor cat was blinded by the pus in his eyes but as soon as we started wiping it away he began to show affection because he was obviously enjoying the relief.

“But then we found the eyes were in such a bad way they had actually sunken into the orbit of the skull.

“I also discovered multiple tumours in his mouth and he had teeth rotting. The poor cat was a bag of bones and it angers me that he was left this way untreateble

“Had he had medical treatment sooner he would not have had to suffer in this appalling way and he could have survived.”

Inspector Dave McAdam said: “It is horrendous that someone would allow a cat to get in such a state when he was clearly in need of medical treatment. Then to dump him like a piece of rubbish in his hour of need is horrendous.

“The cat was left in a blue and white pet carrier and was wearing a blue flea collar – he had clearly been someone’s pet so I would appeal to anyone who knows anything to get in touch.”

Anyone with information should contact the RSPCA appeals line on 0300 123 8018.



  1. So , are the RSPCA going to get off of their arses and do something about this?
    Because this is terrible what that poor cat had gone through !!!

    • I found a cat that was dying, in an even worse state than this, a few years ago – it’s face was eaten away by cancer and there was a hole where its nose should have been. It looked like it had been hit by a car at first sight. I took it straight to a vet, of course, and they euthanised it that day. I reported the owners to the RSPCA but they didn’t prosecute, despite the vets’ willingness to support a prosecution. I guess they only have the resources to prosecute a tiny minority of the cruelty cases they come across.

  2. Im a cat lover and it sickens me to hear about this poor cat i imagine the pet owner couldnt aford a vet but pets are not the only ones suffering the same way poor people are being abused the same way the person that abused the animal sould go to jail for it i think a person by law should have to take the animal to a vet to be saved or put down and to put the animal down should be a very small fee that poverty can aford .

  3. This is disgusting and I hope the scum or scums who have this to this poor cat get jail and not just a slap on the wrist and told not to be a naughty boy. Their is no way that anyone should just dump a animal, their is always people who would help. Their is no need for this whatsoever That cat never had a chance.

  4. RSPCA are beyond useless in my experience of them phoned them on two occasions about abandoned cats. One time it was a severely abused kitten, with its tail cut off and ears had been burned badly. The RSPCA did nothing, lied to me about getting it treatment covered at an RSPCA approved. I was on a low wage at the time but paid for vet treatment out of my own pocket to save that little innocent kitten. I eventually found a rehoming centre myself that would take him so his treatment could continue. I have no respect for the RSPCA after that. I’m sure they do good work somewhere but in every incident where I have had to encounter them they have been less than helpful. It shameful that people can treat animals in this way, as well as their fellow human beings.

  5. Never ceases to amaze me the depths some people go. How could anyone watch this poor fur baby suffer the length of time it would have taken to get to this stage. I’m praying they find the scumbags that did this to this poor cat.

  6. For a human being to leave this cat untreated and then dump it in the road means they have no empathy whatsoever. These people are nothing short of psychopaths.