A man named Matthew Davis was bringing his daughter to day care one day when he noticed a tiny little kitten just hanging out on the doorstep, soaked from being in the rain and crying for help. So he picked up the kitten and put him in his jacket to keep him warm.

After doing some research and calling around, it was clear that this little kitten had been abandoned, so the Davis family decided that they would adopt him. The kitten’s name soon became Doug and as you can see in the video, he just fit into the family perfectly. They said that the moment Doug set foot into the Davis’ house, he felt right at home, purring and cuddling with them as much as he could.

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But the best part of all this is how the kitten reacted to the Davis’ newborn baby Rowan. Doug made it clear right away that he just loved this baby and wanted to be as close to him as possible. He would even cuddle with Rowan and lay on top of him. It’s just adorable and so sweet!

Just wait until you see how cute the kitten is when he cuddles with baby Rowan. Just adorable! Watch the video below!