Whether they’re coming in to steal food, find shelter, looking for attention or causing trouble, cat intruders cause significant problems for pet owners and their beloved pets.


In the UK, half of all cat owners (51%) report having problems with intruder cats and over a third (39%) report an intruder cat entering their home and stealing food.

“An intruder cat can enter your home at any time and you may not even know as they usually come in at night. Your cat may well be feeling very vulnerable and stressed which could potentially lead to stress-related illnesses which means more frequent visits to the vets resulting in higher vet bills,” says well-known Pet Behaviour Consultant, Jon Bowen.


But this could become a thing of the past if you give your cat its own personal door key! The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap is designed to keep out those pesky neighbourhood cats. It operates on a very simple, one-button programming system which recognises your pet’s microchip or SureFlap collar tag, opening only for them.


Your cat will have the freedom to explore the outdoors while being secure and safe inside too – with no worries about intruder cats. The Microchip Cat Flap can also be set to selective entry meaning you can control when your pet can enter your home.

The Microchip Cat Flap is easy to install and is designed as a drop-in replacement for many existing cat flaps. It’s straightforward to use as its inbuilt technology will permanently store ID numbers when first used in learning mode, and can store up to 32 pet identities for multi-pet households.

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The cat flap is compatible with all common microchip types – but don’t worry as non-micro chipped pets can also wear a safety collar and a SF RFID collar tag in order to have full access.


Summer is the perfect time to install a cat flap and with three types of doors to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice (dependent on the breed of cat (or small dog) living at home):