As a moggy saved from the motor, cat-astrophes prevented

Cat stuck in Southampton

RSPCA and the fire department saved a small black and white cat that was stuck in Southampton under a vehicle bonnet.

The RSPCA was called to Milton Road, Southampton, when on Friday (August 30) a nearby resident heard the sound of a cat crying from inside a car cap parked on the street about 8 am.

Animal Collection Officer (ACO) Michael Standen was there to attempt to assist get the cat out of the vehicle.

He said: “This cat was lucky kind members of the public responded to his cries and didn’t just think it was the engine purring!

“I looked underneath the car but I couldn’t see where the cat was trapped so it was a case of doing some detective work trying to find the owner.” The RSPCA officer called the council as the owner of the car, a red Peugeot, couldn’t be discovered anywhere.

When he was unable to pin down the proprietor of the vehicle, he then approached the vehicle business to attempt and identify where the vehicle was purchased from and if the records of the customers were still there. Meanwhile, he also called the animal rescue advisor from the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service to help free the kitty.

Michael and Adrian Knight from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services went to his assistance and were all scheduled to jack up the car and attempt to remove the cat from the inside of the vehicle when the car’s proprietor arrived after receiving a call from the business from which he purchased his engine.

Michael added: “He was still on the phone to the company when he came to meet us. There was this little black and white kitten, literally just sitting on top of the battery gazing at us! I got the six-week-old kitten rapidly and placed it in the carrier. It was lucky the car’s owner was there as we couldn’t get to the cat from below the vehicle.

“From his journey, the kitten was a bit grubby but otherwise okay. The passerby thought that he was there for at least two hours, but I think that for some warmth he had likely gone in there overnight and locked himself!

“For this intrepid kitten, catastrophe was really prevented and both I and the fire departments were really happy that he was saved intact. The RSPCA works very closely with the emergency services and we are always incredibly grateful for any help we receive from them.”

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services crew manager Adrian Knight said:” We are delighted that we have been able to work with the RSPCA to save this kitten as it has been a team effort. We are pleased that our abilities and knowledge have also been prepared to collect the animal securely without any danger of injury to humans. Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service rescue a broad variety of pets from horses and cows to tarantulas and dolphins across the county.

“RSPCA Stubbington Ark in Hampshire is now taking care of the kitten. The kitten has no microchip, so a family carer is now taking care of him until he is old enough to be rehomed.

Please email the RSPCA inspectorate application panel at 0300 123 8018 if you are the proprietor of this kitten.

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