Beloved cat murdered by disturbed man with ‘PTSD’

Cat looking out of window

In a scenario of animal cruelty, an individual from Tacoma, Washington, killed a cat and placed his body in a recycling bin because the feline “went to the bathroom at home.” The 40-year-old unknown individual lived with his spouse, her sibling, and children, according to legal papers published on Monday.  Police responded to their apartment last Wednesday after the dad called them to report Isis, the family cat, was killed by the man.

The accused refused to murder Isis during the interrogation, but when an officer “pointed out the blood on the defendant’s shirt, the defendant smiled, laughed, and said he did what he had to do.” The man subsequentially admitted to the crime and said he first hit the feline’s head on the backyard deck before slitting its throat. The body of the cat was found in a recycling container by the officers. According to the charging papers, “The man eventually admitted to the crime and said he first hit the feline’s face on the backyard deck before slitting his throat. He put $5,000 in insurance.

Meanwhile, the spouse of the man notified police that he was an alcoholic and often lost his medicine for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The incident takes place less than a month after the remnants of a dismembered cat have been found in the North Everett neighbourhood of Washington. Following the finding of the remains of five cats since June, police put the neighborhood on high alert.

Danielle Ford, who discovered the corpses of a cat outside her home, said, “Mutilated cat legs off of a cat’s body. Kind of in this grass here. And, well my mom saw them on her way to work and then told me about them. And it was just a couple of days after a pair had been found just down the street from here.”

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