Can cats infect you with Coronavirus?

Can cats infect you with Coronavirus

Veterinary scientists have advised cat owners to keep their cats indoors so that coronavirus does not spread to poultry.

But “owner should not think” about the risk of infection of animals was emphasised by the British Veterinary Association.

Dr. Angel Almendros, from Hong-Kong City University, told BBC News, “There’s no single case of an animal dog or a cat infecting a human with Covid 19.”


Analysis found that cats would catch other cats ‘virus. Dr. Alemndros also added it is best to keep cats indoors during the outbreak-where healthy and feasible.

Daniella Dos Santos, President of the UK Veterinary Association (BVA), told BBC News that she agreed. Yet since then, the organisation has made clear that its advice to the animal-owners concerned is to take care and keep indoor cats ‘only if there are signs in your own home.’

A growing animal owner should “practise good hygienic hands,” though, “she said. “The skin of an animal might have been holding it for a time if a pet was in touch with a human ill.” “The animals don’t get ill even though we have a good outcome.” he said. “We have no reports of dogs or cats being ill or infecting humans, as in the previous epidemic in Hong Kong in 2003, when a number of pets were infected but were not ill.”

Cats might seem vulnerable to respiratory gout infections – suspended airborne virus particles that can be coughed, sneezed, or breathed out.

Following a case in Belgium in which a cat screened for positive symptoms approximately a week after its owner, scientists in China conducted laboratory experiments to demonstrate that infected cats transmitted the virus to other animals.

Prof Bryan Charleston, Director of British Pirbrigh Institute, which specialises in the study of infectiity said that “this is fascinating to note by experimental evidence that cats may get infected together with the apparent influenza of a tiger.

And the “transmissibility proof” was being created from humans to other species.

Human beings can also transfer respiratory infections on to wild, large primates, which is a concern for conservative animals, including gorilla, to prevent the global spread of Covid-19. In all these cases, however, the threat to other species lies between infected human beings.