Car disassembled to retrieve stray kitten

Stray cat

To rescue a small kitten that was tightly wedged in the engine bay, a vehicle had to be partly demolished.

Six-week-old feral Sparky’s plaintive cries were found on Monday night coming from the stopped vehicle of Zoe Slocombe in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

Her dad pulled the front of the vehicle apart to get to the kitten, she informed the Huntingdon Post.

Ms Slocombe, 25, said she was wrapping the kitten in a blanket and the RSPCA is now looking after him.

She had noticed the meows of the kitten from her lounge, but she could discover nothing when she came out and verified.

Even after it was demolished, the kitten had to be persuaded to move out of the vehicle. She called her dad and they ultimately traced the cry down to the engine room of her vehicle.
“It was dark and we were doing this by torchlight, but we finally saw a tiny furry bum inside the grille,” she said.

A wheel and the headlights had to slide out in order to achieve the dog, “but we did have to prod him a little to persuade him to wriggle free”

He was subsequently transferred to a vet after he wrapped him in a blanket and gave him some nutrition and water.

The car engine cat, nicknamed Sparky, was “riddled with fleas, and very hissy and spitty” said Julie Eastham, manager of exercise at Cromwell Vets.

The cat will be rehomed by the RSPCA if its owners don’t step forward “He is very lucky to have been found, as at his age, being alone could be dire and he is unlikely to have survived.” The operation was “overwhelmed” by deals to rehome the kitten they’ve provided to the RSPCA now.
Whether Sparky is feral is not renowned, but Mrs Eastham said that he rapidly became “a real cutie-really purry-so we hope he will find a good home soon”

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