Cat missing for 3 days, turns up 70 miles away from home

A cat was found 70 miles from her house, which has been missing for three days.

Tracy Dean said that her pet Millie was not an outdoor animal, but “a love for the outdoors.”

She told the tabby that “scarpered” at her home in Newcastle-under-Lyme, about a fortnight ago in Staffordshire.

Three days later, Ms Dean was shocked to receive a call from a Southport veterinarian saying Millie had turned up.

“I put some food out at the door and I figured it would be under a bush or something, realising that she’d never been out.”

“Two, three days after I searched for her, I had a couple of friends hanging out on the streets, I began to be worried that I wasn’t going to see Her again, and the weather was terrible, pouring in with rain.

Ms Dean said it was unknown how she could ride that far, but she may have fallen into a car or even under a roller arch.

“I expected her to remember me and come to me bound by when I picked her up, but she did not. She just stared at me as if thinking’ where were you?'”

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