Prime Minister David Cameron admits missing Larry the cat

Larry, a cat who resides at 10 Downing Street, was accepted by United Kingdom’s latest former prime minister, David Cameron.

The telegraph states that he lost the geographic puss when his mom was given the Oldie of the Year prize.

He said,’ I truly do a little [miss Larry]. The morning he was in my seat he had this habit.

“He’s been so unbelievably relaxed that you really couldn’t push him. Although Theresa May gave Larry a rather frosty welcome in an interview with The Times and suggested that she is more a dog, Mr Cameron said he is “sure he is very cared for.”

The kitty, surnamed Chief Mouser Number 10, is saved a stray cat from Downing Street personnel’s Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

The website Downing Street defines the task of Larry as “welcome visitors to the home, inspect safety deficiencies and test for the performance of napping antique furniture.” It suggests that Larry “conceives an alternative to the mouse occupancy of the building” and says that he informed Downing Street that a solution like this is still in “tactical preparation.”

Born in January 2007, Larry is a brown and white tabby.

David Cameron said that Larry was a “bit anxious” about males, speaking that he could be due to adverse experiences since he was a rescue kitten.

Cameron said Barack Obama’s fear was an obvious exception, according to Larry’s Wikipedia website: “He enjoyed Obama funnily enough. Obama gave him a stroke, and Obama was okay.