Honeybee the cat – The loneliest in Britain?

Honeybee, a eight-year-old cat, has been working long for 161 cats to re-home at the RSPCA affiliate Wimbledon, Wandsworth and Sutton since Sept. last year.

Staff in central London are truly sad to this friendly and affectionate cat which hasn’t been picked up unbelievably loudly when she is noticed(* VIDEO*).

“Honeybee is a really nice and affectionate cat who enjoys a cuddle while cooling on somebody else’s lap, Sarah Henderson, the animal welfare officer at the office, said. She’s going to create someone very faithful and, when she gets a stir, she has the loudest, the most lovely rub. She requires cheap medication to handle her tummy’s autoimmune allergic reaction and this unfortunately results in a lack of attention.

“Cats don’t usually remain in our care for too long, so it’s really uncommon for bad Honeybee to wait over 200 days. You’re so nice, so surely someone will notice her and for a much longer time she’s not going to be the lonely cat in Britain!”The average cat rehoming time is 27 days, therefore Honeybee is over 80% longer than the average cat in RSPCA.

“She was pretty podgy and on a good diet that gave more energy to her loads” Sarah clarified. “The new owner must continue this diet and ensure that they don’t bring the pounds on! Honeybee is best looking for an skilled proprietor who has pets previously and who is the only cat in a quiet house.

It was a tradition to go out and would prefer to appreciate it if it had been put in. “To assist the RSPCA to proceed rescue, rehabilitation, and refurbishment of pets in need of hopeless care, visit us, for RSPCA Wimbledon, Wandsworth and Sutton Branch on 0 7944 308169 or rehoming@rspcawimbledonandsutton.org.uk.

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