RSPCA rescues newborn kitten from Birmingham

Horror story of poor cat, Cyril

A premature kitten found to have a stomach with a wound and is now under medical treatment from the RSPCA to help him heal from his injuries.

Cyril is just a week old and his life already has been complicated. He’s a black and white kitten.

He was discovered in Small Heath in Birmingham on Monday, 30 March in a public garden on Cyril Street. The eyes were already closed so young he was totally isolated, without the mum or litter. His abdomen also sustained a major, nasty injury, which would cause him much pain.

Thankfully, the public member spotted him and called the RSPCA for assistance.


Strangers Runs to Help Poor Cat; What happens next is extraordinary


Inspector Helen Smith, who rescuer Cyril, said “This poor kitten, wrapped in a bit of cord or ligature on his tummy, was a very nasty wound. At this point we don’t know whether it was an act of purpose or an accident, but we believe Cyril’s mother was a stray cat, and the mother cat left him behind when she got trapped in the litter and was seriously injured.

“We’ll probably never know the full storey of Cyril, but his wound was so serious that he even touched this kitten. Luckily he’s in the right place right now and he’s getting the care he wants. “Animal rescuer Helen took Cyril to the Animal Hospital of Birmingham, RSPCA, where he was treated for the wound and was beginning to feel better.

Though he was too young to be separated from his parents, the vets kept an eye on him and feed him around the clock.

RSPCA Birmingham currently cares for 107 animals, including 33 dogs, 63 cats, four rabbits and seven other pets. * In the coming weeks the rescue teams will be in need of more animals.

Even if the RSPCA Centers have closed to the general public, thousands of animals in England and Wales continue to benefit from the charity in its centres and hospitals, and our animal cruelty network has earned 60,000 appeals since the crisis deepened in beginning March.