How could these statistics effect your pet insurance?

How could these statistics effect your pet insurance?

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home saw an rise in dog adoption of 104 per cent in the week of March 16th, and a rise in cats of 137 per cent over the same week last year as a result of the lockout that is already occurring in the UK.

It will continue to increase as the National Pet Month approaches in April. However, it is worth testing whether you live in an animal-friendly location for tenants before adopting a furry friend.

In order to identify the most ‘pet friendly’ spots for homeowners and their dogs, Towergate Insurance has evaluated 25 major UK cities against 10 different parameters.


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The considerations included per capita domain pets as well as a variety of types of locations for pet-friendly rentals, such as private garden rentals, ‘pet-friendly’ rentals, competitive rent rates and no neighbouring animal complaints.

Southampton was top of the list with good results in all areas, especially for the lack of rent ‘penalties’ for pet owners, as well as a small number of reported neighbouring animals complaints.

* Nottingham et Manchester, along with Southampton, formed the top three of the UK’s main ‘home friendly’ cities for tenants, close behind Derby and Birmingham.

For those who wish to rent with pets, Southampton was officially the most livestock-friendly city in the UK, with new studies. The research, conducted by insurance broker Towergate Insurance in the United Kingdom, evaluated 25 major UK cities for the most ‘pet friendly’ locations for tenants and their furry friends against 10 criteria.

Such considerations included pets per person as well as various criteria to classify locations where animally-friendly rentals are available, such as: private gardens ‘rentals; rentals identified as’ pets permitted. Overall, Southampton was the top ten most animal-friendly major cities in all ten categories and was named the best location in the United Kingdom as a whole. South Toronto has been especially well-performed due to the lack of rental “penalties” for pet owners (pet owners in Toronto can expect to pay only 71 percent of the monthly average rental price in Southampton).

Nottingham and Manchester ranked second and third respectively in the overall index rankings in the majority of the top 3 ‘pet friendly’ major cities in the UK. Derby and Birmingham followed closely, respectively fourth and fifth.

Winning category by category: Top 3 cities for accessible garden rentals: 1. The second is Leeds 2. Coventry 3. Coventry 3. For percentage of available garden rentals, Birmingham Top 3 cities: 1. Dieby 2. Hampton WORLDS 3. Newport Top 3 city rentals ranking ‘pets allowed’ for the number of available rentals:

Top 3 cities for number of available rentals with a garden:

  1. Leeds
  2. Coventry
  3. Birmingham

Top 3 cities for percentage of available rentals with a garden:

  1. Derby
  2. Wolverhampton
  3. Newport

Top 3 cities for number of available rentals listed as ‘pets allowed’:

  1. Manchester
  2. Birmingham
  3. Sheffield

Top 3 cities for percentage of available rentals listed as ‘pets allowed’:

  1. Newport
  2. Plymouth
  3. Belfast

Top 3 cities for affordable rentals listed as ‘pets allowed’:

  1. Bradford
  2. Belfast
  3. Kingston upon Hull

Top 3 cities for lack of pet owner rent price ‘penalty’:

  1. Leeds
  2. Belfast
  3. Edinburgh

Top 3 cities for lack of neighbour complaints regarding pets:

  1. Leeds
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Southampton



The analysis shows that Leeds is the best individual for many things, including multiple rentals on the market with gardens, for failure to offer a “penalty” rental price for pet owners (pet owners of the city should expect to pay only 53% of the monthly Leeds average) and for having the lowest estimated monthly search volumes f) in each catégory. Southampton The study found

At an average monthly rent of just £ 417,50 Bradford is the most affordable animal friendly. At the other hand, Derby has the highest rental percentage of gardens (56% of live rental entries).

Manchester has the best rentals available that have been classified as ‘permitted livestock’ (119 living rentals). Newport in Wales has the largest proportion of ‘permitted animals’ (13%), which are enormous ten points higher than the average of all 25 cities.

With a particular regard to Scotland, Edinburgh ranked in No. 11 overall and matched up with Preston in the top 10. The second biggest rental shortage of ‘penalties’ for animal feedingstuffs in all cities has been found to be in Scotland – pet owners in the region can expect to pay just 68% of the average monthly rental price for Edinburgh.

Last in the overall ranking, London failed to meet all 10 requirements. In addition to London, Swansea, Glasgow, Cardiff and Leicester were the worst performing cities in europe.

“Southampton has tickled a number of pet-friendly boxes over other cities and our research helped crown the coastal city as the ‘pet-friendly’ city for tenants in the UK,” Alison Wild, SME Marketing Business Associate at the Towergat Insurance Company, commented on the results. “It is a disgrace to see that the biggest chance of” people “rental penalties for peten owners living in Wolverhampton, London and Leicester is between 26-42% higher than the average rental price in each city. Good news for lovers with pets in Sheffield, Belfast and Kingston on Hull is that they can secure pet friendly accommodation.