Large cat ‘The size of a big dog’ roams around Yorkshire countryside

Large cat found in Yorkshire

A big black cat was found roaming the East Yorkshire landscape with someone claiming to be the’ length of a big cat.’

Footage taken in areas close to Skidby shows what looks to be a large black cat, defined as “much bigger than a domestic animal” by the person who photographed it

Jon Newton told Hull Live that the animal was “incredibly fast” and “size of a large   dog  ”
The picture was held on Sunday afternoon in the East Riding village west of Cottingham and arrives sooner this year after a spate of sightings of comparable big black cats in the southwest.

Sightings were produced in Cornwall in April of what was suspected to be either a panther or a puma when one person said he believed it was behind an assault on a dog and a number of dead domestic cats.

Sharing his East Yorkshire comments, Mr Newton said: “For us it appeared like a big black cat. However, it was much larger than a domestic animal.

“It was extremely fast, very rapidly spanning the field distance.” No clue what this is. Looks like a big cat. Seen just now in Skidby.

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