Vicious crime committed by dog

Vicious crime committed by dog

After the capture of CCTV video, the RSPCA appeals for information to a man who appears to intentionally urge him to assault a pet cat.

The guy with his hat and boots on his video can be seen coming to the house with his lurcher-type dog at Woodlands Crescent in Walsall. He then points at the defenceless cat, sitting on a wall, a huge light, to enable his dog to perpetrate the vicious assault that causes his cat to die.

Homeowner Gary Truefitt found the video when the next day he didn’t return home from his cat Cleo, whom he had owned for 8 years.


Gary said: ‘I realised that my door had been left out suspicious and so I wanted to check out the CCTV and was completely surprised by what I found. I was really angry, because I didn’t know what to do, I went to my neighbours ‘home.

“Cleo will be missed very much, she was an fool in many respects, and even though there were cars she would lie along the way, she was a friend. RSPCA Trainee Inspector Fiona Howell said: ‘The incident is very upsetting and we would like to find out who this person is, as early as possible. It is just horrible to think she is targeted this way.

‘ “We suspect that there might be ‘lamping’ violations demonstrated here, and we are still in touch with the police. If you recognise the person in this picture, you can contact the RSPCA Appeal Line on 0300 123 8018.