Panther spotted in Wakerley woods

Wakerley woods panther sighting

A couple when walking their dog got a scare when being face-to-face with a ‘big cat’ which they described as a panther.

When the incident took place on Sunday (October 13), an East Northamptonshire the woman who did not want to be named was with her husband in Wakerley Woods in the north of the county.

Her dog, a labrador of the rottweiler cross, was off the lead and entered the woods. The big cat they described as a panther was found growling and face-to-face.

The woman said the following: “It was about two or three times bigger than my dog and black.

“It was scruffy looking and had yellow eyes.

“What else could it have been?”

The dog suffered what was thought to be an injury to the face from the claw of the animal.
Her pet was hit to the head with a knife and was rushed to see a doctor.

The woman said she couldn’t be sure, but maybe the injury came from the big cat.

She reported it to the police and was told other similar reports had been published.

Police were asked to confirm the incident to Cat Planet, they said the following,

“We have made the Forestry Commission aware as it is their land.”

The facebook post regarding the alleged panther incident which warned dog owners has received almost 2,000 shares.

The woman said: “I won’t be taking the dog back there.

“A lot of people are saying that we are making it up but we really are not.”

The same ‘Wakerley woods’ panther incident was reported back in 2012 by

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