Adorable Kitten Survives Being Run Over by a Tractor!

Kitten run over by tractor and plough

A tiny kitten survived after being run over with a tractor and plough – and was completely unscathed!

Six-week-old kitten Meadow was discovered by a Hampshire farmer buried in the deep furrow of earth that his plough had turned over.

RSPCA animal collection officer Natasha Clarke went to collect the little kitten from the fields in Ash Green, near Aldershot, on 5 June and took her to the charity’s Millbrook Animal Centre, in Surrey, for care.

Deputy manager Liz Wood said: “A farmer was ploughing his field when he found little Meadow in the mud.

“His tractor and plough had already run over the land she was on so she must have gone right underneath the deadly contraption – it’s a miracle she came out alive let alone unscathed!”

The long-haired kitten was checked for a microchip but had no identification so she’s been posted on PetsLocated and staff are now seeking her owner.

“If anyone recognises Meadow then I’d urge them to get in touch,” Liz added. “She could be a stray who got separated from her mum so if no one comes forward to claim her then we’ll eventually be looking for a new home for her – once she’s big enough.

“For now, she’s living with me and my other foster kitten, Sarah Beeny, who was rescued from 20ft inside a cavity wall! They’re a pair of adventurous kitties that’s for sure!”

Liz is hand-rearing the kittens who are still too little to be away from their mums. The RSPCA is currently overrun with cats and kittens as this year’s ‘kitten season’ gets under way.

Last year (2018), the RSPCA‘s centres and branches took in 28,986 cats – with a large number arriving between April and September.

Liz added: “With an average of 86 cats coming into our care every day and a peak over the summer, this highlights that the UK is facing a cat overpopulation crisis with so many cats ending up in rescue centres.

“We’d urge cat owners to get their pet neutered to avoid any unwanted litters of kittens. There’s no denying they’re adorable – but they’re also hard work, time-consuming and costly.”

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