Cat illnesses soaring as a result of wrongly installed Cavity Wall Insulation

Thousands of cats throughout the UK are suffering from ill-health and running the risk of death as they are particularly vulnerable to the effects of wrongly installed Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI).

When the Government signed the Climate Change Act in 2008, CWI was hailed as a relatively inexpensive adaptation that could save homeowners money on heating bills and add value to the property itself. It has now emerged that thousands of homeowners throughout the UK are suffering from ill health as a result of wrongly installed CWI – and their cats are suffering too.

In the first research of its kind, Cavity Wall Lawyers has analysed data from homes throughout the country. In every single case, wrongly installed CWI has caused dampness. Other common problems include mould (present in 53% of UK cases), condensation (present in 30% of UK cases), cold spots (present in 23% of UK cases), damp smell (present in 21% of UK cases) and ant or insect infestation (present in 13% of UK cases).

The RSPCA estimates that 1 in 2 households now own a pet, taking the UK wide total to a massive 20 million pets. Amongst that figure, there are around 7.4 million cats being loved and cared for.

In a warning to cat owners, Nicky Johnson, Head of Claims at Cavity Wall Lawyers said:

“Many of us will know that mould can make people sick but not many will know about the affects it has on our cats. As they’re much smaller than us, cats are more susceptible to mould related illnesses and can become sick well before the mould affects a person.”

Common symptoms of mould exposure in cats to watch out for are:

Sores and/or bleed from excessive scratching

Excessive licking

Hair loss due to excessive scratching and/or licking Coughing


Runny nose

Runny eyes

Laboured breathing

Wheezing sound when breathing

Loss of appetite