Cats and Fleas

Every pet owner dreads an infestation of fleas, once you have them, it can be so hard to get rid of the itchy pesky critters!

Signs of Fleas on Your Cat and in Your Home

First signs of fleas being in your home can be your cat scratching, every time I see one of my cats scratch I can become hysterical as I have had a flea infestation twice in my life and once they have truly gotten into your home, they are so hard to get rid of.

Flea dirt in your cat’s coat. This can be seen as small specks of dark ‘grit’ – if you put some of these black bits on wet toilet tissue you should see it turn red. You can use a flea comb which should show these pieces of flea dirt up.

Another sign can be over grooming, one of my cats licks her back over and over if she gets fleas, this in turn can turn into a nasty irritation and can cause eczema which can be uncomfortable for your cat and can be expensive to treat.


There are many products on the market to treat fleas, I have always found that the ones you can buy off the shelf in a pet shop are not as effective as ones that you buy from the vet or nowadays can buy from pet shops but have to be advised of the useage before being allowed them.

It is also essential that you buy a good spray for your home, fleas lay eggs in your carpets and furnishings and these flea eggs can lay dormant for years. I use Indorex spray and this kills eggs, larvae and fleas – so the entire flea life cycle.

There is no point treating your cats and not your home, if you treat one and not the other you will not break the cycle and will not be able to eradicate the fleas.


To completely eradicate a flea infestation I do the following:

Day One

Completely treat all animals in my house with Frontline spray.

Go room to room with Indorex spray – I spray inside drawers, wardrobes, under beds, in cupboards, in washing machines etc. Close up each room one by one and leave for an hour. Air the room and then ten minutes later hoover thoroughly.

Day 7

Repeat the house spray with Indorex Spray as above.

Day 14

Repeat the house spray with Indorex Spray as above.

Side Effects of Having Fleas

As fleas are blood sucking parasites, if your cat has caught the fleas from a cat that is infected with a blood disease, your cat can become infected, this is why it is imperative that you invest in time and money to prevent fleas rather than await an infestation.


Use your flea preparation to the dot of the recommended time in the instructions from the manufacturer – I put an alert on my phone and calendar to ensure I do not miss it.

I treat my house twice a year with Indorex spray, regardless of there being no fleas in the house or one the cats, it makes me feel secure that no matter what – there is nothing lurking in my carpets than can leap out and create an infestation.

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