Curiosity gets cat stuck, get meo-ot of here!

Two RSPCA animal collection officers (ACOs) were called to rescue a cat who had not been seen for five days at home in Lewisham.

The cat was thought to be up to the chimney after noises could be heard coming from the ceiling.
However, ACO Mat Hawkins soon realised the cat had actually managed to get into the ceiling from a nearby cupboard.
Quick-thinking Mat created a platform which he put cat food on and lifted towards the cat to try to coax her down, but the terrified cat remained where she was.
Mat said: “After we established where Queen was we exhausted every avenue to try to get her to come down. However as a last resort we had to cut a hole into the ceiling to grab her and bring her to safety.
“Fortunately the homeowner was very grateful for our help, although I’m not sure Queen will be allowed to explore that cupboard again!”
Mat used a small saw to create a rectangular hole in the ceiling and colleague ACO Monica Faloona was able to reach in and lift Queen to safety and her very relieved owner.
Venisha Charlemagne said: “I can’t thank the RSPCA enough for their help, I am so happy to say that Queen is now back to her normal self.
“I had recently moved and we had people coming in and out so I think she got spooked.
“I missed her so much and were so worried about her so it’s great to have her back.
We will be keeping a very close eye on her now. I am so proud of Queen, she is very special to me.” Andover news

If you are worried about an animal you can ring the RSPCA on 0300 123 4999.