Deceased cat found in Childs pink lunchbox

The RSPCA is investigating after the dead body of a young, pedigree kitten was found zipped up in a pink child’s lunch bag.

A man contacted local police and the RSPCA on Saturday afternoon (20 October) after making the grisly discovery of the kitten’s body inside the lunch bag in York.

RSPCA Inspector Alice Cooper said: “The kitten is around 10 to 12-weeks-old and is distinctive in her appearance. We believe she’s an oriental breed and is cream in colour with dark grey/brown ears, tail and smudges near her eyes.

“This poor little kitten was found zipped up in a bright pink cool bag, like a lunch box, with Travel Trace printed in bright blue on the front.

“The bag was found near railings opposite Tang Hall Working Men’s Club, Hull Road, in a busy area over the weekend.”

It’s not known whether the female kitten perished inside the bag or whether she was discarded after dying. However, the inside of the lunch bag was covered in scratches prompting concerns that she died inside.

The kitten was not microchipped and wasn’t wearing a collar or ID tag.

Inspector Cooper, who is now investigating, has launched an appeal to find out whether the poor kitten died in suspicious circumstances.

“This is a busy area so I’d be surprised if no one saw the bag being dumped nearby,” she said. “I’d like to speak to anyone who may know the owners of the kitten to find out how she died. I’m concerned she may have been alive when she was shut in the bag due to extensive scratches on the inside of the bag.

“She was also soaked in her own urine and there was evidence of formed faeces in the bag.

“It’s heartbreaking to think of this poor, innocent cat dying a slow and horrible death inside this tiny bag and I really want to speak to anyone who may be able to shed some light on what happened here.”

Inspector Cooper is now speaking to locals and collecting CCTV footage from properties in the area.

Anyone who may be able to assist with the investigation should contact the RSPCA’s appeal line on 0300 123 8018 and leave a message for Inspector Cooper.