Is Wadsworth the UK’s oldest cat?

Is Wadsworth the UK’s oldest cat?

A feisty feline who enjoys fish and chips, was the runt of the litter and used to live in a pub could be the UK’s oldest cat.

Wadsworth, who is also known as Waddy, turned 27 earlier this month. He was adopted by his owner Ann Munday in 1986 from a vet in De Parys Avenue, Bedford. The surgery was then taken over by Acorn House, in Brickhill where Wadsworth has been treated ever since, meaning he has records proving his age.

Ann said: “I’ve always had cats but he’s been really special, he has cost me the earth over the years though. I lost my husband 13 years ago and he was here for as someone to talk to.”

After Ann adopted the kitten she named him Wadsworth- after the beer- and took him to live with her at The Blacksmith’s Arms, in Ravensden where she was the landlady. But on moving to Wentworth Drive Ann has been careful to keep her aging pet, and her other cat Cassie away from the busy road.

She said: “When we moved here we had a big run put in outside, to keep them away from the road.

“My other cat has cardiomyopathy and the was only expected to last a couple of months, but she’s lived for 13 years. “Wadsworth does have some ailments but he still gets up on my bed, and on the table.

“When I got him I think he must have been the runt of the litter, he’s got no claws on his back feet.”

And Acorn House vets, which treats Wadsworth monthly, said that he is the oldest cat the practice has ever seen.

His main vet, Gill Monsell, said: “Waddy was a very healthy cat in the early years of his life but has suffered from hyperthyroidism in his old age.

“He does not appreciate being blood tested so we keep these to a minimum but Mrs Munday does a fantastic job of treating him and he is very stable on the medication. He is a great character and we all enjoy seeing him at the surgery.”

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