Kitten Abandoned


A tiny six-week old kitten dumped on the doorstep of an RSPCA branch last week.

This kitten was abandoned on the evening of Friday, August 24 (the start of the bank holiday weekend) near the back door of the RSPCA South Cotswolds Shop in Lansdown, Stroud.

Button the kitten

The RSPCA’s Shop & Office were closed for the Bank Holiday weekend, but thankfully Andy Taylor, Shop Manager was working late and spotted the tiny kitten, which was filthy dirty and freezing cold.

The branch have named her ‘Button’ as she is a surprisingly bright character, despite her ordeal. Andy, shop manager said “we are horrified to think what could have happened to Button if she had have been left outside all bank holiday weekend.

I am just disgusted that people do this”. The RSPCA South Cotswolds Branch wants to remind people not to leave animals at their shops or office.  If you need to rehome an animal please call Nicola on 07772 737 503.

If you wish to report animal cruelty, please call the RSPCA cruelty and advice line: 0300 1234 999 To find out more information about the RSPCA South Cotswolds Branch, please visit: