Lillies are Poisonous to Cats

It is a confusing list of items that can be harmful to our beloved cats and kittens, as we all know, it is impossible to keep our cats from going places we don’t want them to go, so it is best to ensure, as we would with a toddler, that items that can cause damage to our feline friends are out of reach or removed from the environment completely.

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Lillies – and more importantly their pollen is so poisonous to cats, if a cat or inquisitive kitten brushes past a pollen laden lily and then licks a small amount of the pollen from its coat or indeed eats a lily, the pollen can send the cat into immediate kidney failure.

If you think your cat had ingested pollen from a Lily, please seek immediate veterinary attention.




Loss of Appetite



The treatment for a cat that has ingested pollen is to flush through the kidneys with IV antibiotics, speed can be the difference between your cat surviving.

Some supermarkets have now started to print a warning on their Lily packaging about the dangers to cats, but they are not clear enough in my opinion.