Owner dies rescuing kitten

A 22-year-old woman fell from the fifth floor of her building in Kurla after losing her balance while trying to save a kitten that had crawled on to a ledge outside the flat on Wednesday night.

Around 11.15pm, police said, Tehsin Fatema Khan, along with her family comprising her parents and five sisters, who live in the seven-storeyed Jai Hind Buddhavihar housing society, were watching television after dinner.

While the others were engrossed in a TV serial, Tehsin, who helps her family with zari work, was distracted after spotting one of her six pet kittens creep out through the window.

By the time she got up, the kitten had scampered on to the ledge, police said.

“Tehsin initially tried dropping bread crumbs on to the ledge to lure the kitten back into the house. But, that did not work,” said Dhananjay Bagayatkar, senior inspector of Nehru Nagar police station.

When Tehsin tried to climb out of the window to get to the kitten, her family warned her against it. “But, Tehsin loved her cats so much, she ignored the warnings saying the kitten would fall off if she didn’t rescue it,” said Iqbal Hussain, a family friend.

When the kitten did not respond, Tehsin moved quickly towards the kitten hoping to grab hold of it, but lost her balance in the process. “She fell five floors down,” said Bagayatkar.

Her family members immediately took her to hospital, but she was declared dead.

“Tehsin had brought a stray cat home around 10 years ago, which had given birth to six kittens, whom Tehsin was very fond of. She somehow made space for them in the family’s 225 sq-foot house that already had seven other family members,” Hussain said.

Hussain said Tehsin’s father Ayub Hasan Khan, who is in his sixties, drives an auto rickshaw for a living.